About Us


Here at born2perform our mission is to help you desire more and achieve more by continuously improving your life one day, one workout, one meal and one challenge at a time. We know that if your mind believes it 100% then your body can achieve it. Our mission is to constantly keep you committed to believing that any goal is possible.

So why do we do what we do? Quite simply because we love it. We don’t see our job as work and as a result we never get tired of doing it. Every session is different, every client provides a new challenge and quite simply we never get bored of helping people achieve their goals.

Our specialists

Katherine Smart

Our philosophy

‘If you don’t enjoy the training you will not succeed, so first learn to enjoy and the results will follow’.

Where We Work

Katherine work throughout Dubai training clients in traditional gyms, Olympic lifting and crossfit gyms, at the beach, the park or in clients’ houses. There is no environment that can not be manipulated to create a challenging and effective training session. In fact, born2perform often question “why pay for a gym when the environment can be your gym”?