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Pilates Classes and High Intensity Interval Training in Dubai

Pilates is a form of exercise that uses smooth, deliberate movements and controlled postures to tone, strengthen and elongate your muscles, increasing your flexibility, co-ordination and core stability. Often referred by doctors to those with back problems, poor posture and post-natal women, it is a low impact workout that is great for everyone, which is why Pilates classes in Dubai are becoming increasingly popular.

In addition to its physical benefits, a Pilates exercise regimen also helps sharpen the mental fortitude of an individual. The practice incorporates methods and techniques of breathing, concentration, control, and natural movement flow that are designed to benefit a person both physically and mentally.

One unique concentration point of this form of exercise is that it focusses on the quality and flow of movement instead of quantity and repetition, which means translates to an exercise of both the mind and the body.

Finally, Pilates classes do not involve physically strenuous activities, which means it can be both for the old and the young.


B2P Extreme

B2P Extreme is high intensity circuits, designed to give you a full body workout. Each week is different, by using your body weight to incorporate a combination of cardio, speed and agility on top of strength and flexibility. Our specialized programs are great for all levels, helping you to lose weight, tone and increase your fitness levels! But be ready to laugh and cry!

B2P Extreme will take place on Sunday and Wednesday at 7pm at Al Barsha Pond Park. Meeting point is again at the main entrance to the park.
We are currently taking a break, please contact us for more information.


1st session is free and second session is 1/2 price if you bring a friend along who has not yet attended.

70 AED per session
480 AED block of 8 (60 per session)
800 AED block of 16 (50 per session)