Born2Perform is EXPANDING and we are going trans global, virtually. A young lady in Dubai who was about to move to Europe via a brief spell back home in the United States recently approached us. She wanted to make sure that all of the time spent packing, travelling, moving and just generally being unsettled was not going to undo all of her hard work from the gym, her football training and matches. This is what she has to say:

“I approached Jenna and Katherine about this workout regimen because I’m in the middle of moving and wanted a flexible workout routine that I could take anywhere. Something that is consistent in my life is change and I am constantly challenged to adapt to my surroundings, so why should my workouts be any different? Anybody who has moved or experienced a change in his or her job, home life or health can sympathize with the added stress that comes with adjusting your routine to fit your new lifestyle. So to help with my stress levels, I wanted Jenna and Katherine to construct a workout routine that I can do anywhere!”

Naturally, we were delighted to assist. If you know anything about the team at Born2Perform then you know that we like variety, versatility and adaptability. Living in Dubai we are more than aware of the hectic lifestyles and travelling demands that come with residing and working here. This is why we moved out of the gym and in to the real world. We want to educate people that being fit does not necessarily mean having to bench press, deadlift, or shoulder press. Being fit for most people means being able to move their own body weight faster, cleaner, with better technique and at increasingly demanding intensities.

So given our philosophy towards health and fitness and the needs of this client we were keen to create a fun, challenging workout that would require little or no equipment. Thus she would be able to complete it anywhere in the world with no excuses.


So who is this woman?


Amanda (nickname AJ)
Business Woman
Inspiring to be and Entrepreneur and Mother
Activity Level – High.; main sport is soccer but I’ve competed in multiple sports and I am always trying and doing active things to keep life exciting.
First Sports: Tee Ball (baseball) and soccer, both started at age 4


Now you might think “well this client is going to be half way around the world from the trainers, so how would they even know if she is completing the programme”? Good question with an even better answer.


AJ will be documenting and sharing her challenge via various forms of social media, which will hold her even more accountable. “It’s evidence,” she says as she laughs. “But more importantly, I want to share my experience to show others that there’s always something you can do to improve your health whether you’re home, travelling, on the move or at the gym”.


Like any client embarking on a new fitness challenge, AJ has a number of expectations. Here she talks us through some of them.

“I’m always excited for new challenges, but I’m excited to have a workout routine that I can do anywhere. If I have to hunt for a gym, get rides to places or even adjust everything else in my day to make time to workout, then I am more likely to NOT workout. Having an at home routine where no equipment is needed eliminates all excuses.’ #NoExcuses


So what does AJ want to achieve from the programme?

“Of course I want a healthy lifestyle, but I’m going to say what people are scared to say, I workout to look good. Yes working out is extremely beneficial for your health and stress, but I workout to look better, which in turn makes me feel better”.


Now the BIG question!!



“Having Jenna and Katherine provide me with a routine and check in on me weekly holds me accountable. If I don’t do my workouts then not only am I letting myself down but I will be letting them down too.

Finally AJ made this comment and we knew that we had to work with her.

“I believe that I AM BORN2PERFORM. I am Born2Perform because I love to be challenged and I am fulfilled by overcoming obstacles. I have always said that athletes make the best friends, workers and lovers because we are only satisfied when we’ve given something or someone our all”.


So B2PDubai now has a client who is currently B2PUSA and will eventually be B2PSicily. We will be checking in with AJ daily via instagram, twitter, her blog and pinterest.

YOU CAN FOLLOW AJ’s progress on twitter and instagram with the usernames @born2performfit and @aj12V. AJ will be uploading daily photos, thoughts and tweets about her sessions and progress using a number of hashtags including: #workoutchallenge #b2pdubai #onthemove #personaltraining and MOST IMPORTANTLY #noexcuses #iamborn2perform

So keep checking in and get in touch if you would like to try your own workout challenge.