Challenge Yourself


Comfort zones have no placeHere at born2perform we love a good challenge. Whether it is a fast and furious cardio circuit in the park or turning your “beast mode on” and setting a personal best in a WOD. However, for some clients challenging yourself can simply mean getting up. For some people, the most basic of human movements can take considerable energy and mental effort. Most of us don’t even think about the energy it takes to get up off of the floor, yet for some people this simple movement could comprise a demanding workout.

Whatever it is that challenges you, whether it be 100 burpees in sub 5 minutes, learning to do squats properly or even standing up from sitting without losing your breath, every day is a new day to take on that challenge and change your life and the team here @born2peform are there every step of the way to help you smash that challenge in to obliteration!


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