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This is a bit of a story but stay with me on this one!!

I am often slightly embarrassed when somebody asks me if I am on this site or that site and I have no idea what they are talking about. With a growing business I find it more and more imperative to learn and understand what is being talked about, tweeted about and discussed during the morning coffee break at offices across the world. I felt this way when a friend recently mentioned Pinterest to me. I had heard about this website but didn’t want to get drawn in to another social media tool that would take time out of reality. Nonetheless I decided to create an account and see what the fuss was all about.


Day 1 – I get annoyed because each time I try to create a board it doesn’t work. I think to myself this is infuriating and walk away from it.

Day 2 – the same friend asks me if am I in love with it. She is really enthusiastic about this so I decide to give it another go.

Day 3-present (about 1 month) – I am never off it. This website is mind boggling. It’s a way to share knowledge, learn, be inspired and inspire others. You see something that you like, pin it to a board that makes sense to you and then someone else might see it, they re-pin it. By seeing who pins your pins (a weird language I know) you can see who has similar interests to you and via that you can create a new social network. Not too dissimilar to Twitter I guess but much more visual and a lot easier to make emotional connections to the stimuli in front of you.


So Pinterest is my new and exciting way of ensuring that my healthy living lifestyle doesn’t hit a massive speed bump, which lets be honest is very common in Dubai. Through this website I have not only been inspired by visual images of great looking food I have also found it to be really educational. It is giving me really useful tools to share with clients, which if I am honest is really refreshing. Most people learn when they see, not just hear. You can tell someone a piece of information or a fact 20 times but it is one ear and out the other. For example, did you know that when the body, which is about 75% water, is dehydrated your cholesterol increases as the body try’s to prevent water loss from the cells. This means that because you didn’t drink enough water your body has actually produced more cholesterol! For me this is a fascinating fact and if cholesterol was a problem of mine it would certainly encourage me to drink more water. But for most people this information just won’t appeal. Not unless it stimulates their mind and it would appear that most of us are stimulated by graphics and illustrations, not just words. So if you follow this link you will learn much more about the effects dehydration on the body


I love sweet potato. Mash it – yum. Bake it – yum. Add a pinch of cinnamon – yum. I don’t get tired of the taste but sometimes I wish I knew of more ways to make this vegetable and amazing carbohydrate so that I can enjoy it daily without losing my love for it. Helllllllloooooooo Pinterest. Search sweet potato and your page explodes with infinite recipes and pictures that make you think, I want it and i want it now. The beauty of Pinterest is that it takes you to websites and blogs that you have probably never visited before and may not even have known existed. For example, on a site that I had never heard of before, I came across the idea for a sweet potato and coconut quinoa bowl. This recipe would make an excellent side dish to go with some grilled fish and steamed asparagus, or as a comfort main meal all on its own. Likewise you could try this exceptionally great southwestern grilled sweet potato salad from, or you could try the sweet potato and quinoa chilli courtesy of


However, the one that I am going to make next is a paleo friendly sweet potato gratin. You can find this recipe courtesy of or as I did courtesy of my new friend Pinterest! Do yourself s huge favour today, get online or download the app and give it a try!! You will be amazed at what you can discover and learn