Happy January! Let’s get on it!


NoExcusesFirst of all, Born2Perform would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. We hope all of you had a fabulous festive season with your loved ones. Furthermore we hope that 2015 has started with a bang and has been successfully enjoyed so far.


So Christmas time saw a few exciting things happen for Born2Perform. Following the lead of AJ who we blogged about towards the end of last year in our B2P goes international blog, we decided to take on a few more online training clients. Over the festive season these people travelled to see their loved ones as did we. So as co-founders of Born2Perform Katherine and I thought we would set a “worldwide Christmas Day #workoutchallenge”. Seeing as Christmas day was going to reach us first in New Zealand we set the tone by hiking up a 6000ft mountain in Queenstown and then we proceeded to do 5 rounds of burpees on the walk back down with the first set at the top of the mountain. I’m not going to lie, doing any burpees at altitude is fairly difficult but this was made even more taxing by the fact that we had just got to the top of it. It was however the most amazing scenery, so in the end it was #totallyworthit. Naturally, to be seen is to believe so we filmed our burpees cur testy of a time-lapse and then proceeded to make a video collage so that we could show the world. If you follow us on twitter or instagram then you will have seen these videos but if not, i have copied the link here so take a little watch 🙂 http://instagram.com/p/xBN1CvJpaQ/ and http://instagram.com/p/xBOVzFJpbR/


Well this set a precedence among some of our online clients who one by one woke up on Christmas day as the world rotated to find that they had been challenged and we are so proud to say that our clients clearly are Born2Perform as one by one they uploaded their own videos and photos! First from Dubai, then from Europe and finally from the States (here is AJ finishing off the 1000 Christmas day burpees with her husband Sam in California; http://instagram.com/p/xDCoNumzTN/). For the other videos and photos you can check us out at twitter.com/born2performfit


A beautiful turn around on this event was when one client then took the opportunity to challenge me to another workout; 1000 flutter kicks. Naturally I am not one to turn down such a challenge and so I obliged with 4 rounds of 250 (http://instagram.com/p/xYc3LWJpfa/). See this is the beautiful thing about working out with a team; we are just that – a team. We support our clients, we challenge them and motivate them but it is not without their capacity to turn around and challenge us, inspire us to push ourselves with a workout we hadn’t planned or anticipated. See we might be the personal trainers but that doesn’t mean we don’t like a bit of a challenge. So if you are taking the time to read this then feel free to get in touch via Facebook, instagram or twitter with a challenge of your own. Katherine and I are pretty game (as long as it isn’t unrealistic like 100 back flips, I would need a pretty big trampoline and protective cushion to do this – ooooh anyone for a trip to bounce?)


So here we are in January, 2015 and there is a point to this blog I promise. I have started the year by challenging myself and as you can see from above I like to be challenged. My self challenge? See what is physically possible for my body type in 3 months. As personal trainers we are often contacted by individuals who have short term time frames with huge expectations. Now, we might be personal trainers but we are by no means magicians. It is fine to have big goals but that means you need to have big time commitment; in essence you need to train hard and play by the rules. This means changes to your dietary intake and frequency of eating, fluid intake, sleep pattern, training intensity and frequency among a few other factors! Freaked out yet by the changes? Yeah it’s kind of a big deal. 10 days in and what I have really come to understand is two things. 1) you have to be disciplined and 2) you have to REALLY want it. You can’t think you want it, you need to want it. Be prepared to hurt, be tired, be pi**ed when you go out a restaurant and you have to be really specific and order things that may not actually appear on the menu together. Of course, if this puts you off then it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the body that you want. It just means that the short term goal you are setting yourself is possibly a little unrealistic. Be honest with yourself when you set a goal. What is it that you want, how much do you really want it and how much are you willing to change in order to achieve it. The biggest thing you need to know is what you really want. Work that out and between you and us we will figure out the best way to achieve it. Once you get to that point, the key thing you have to keep in the front of your mind (if you really want it) is that there are #noexcuses. No excuse is worth the cost of failure if you truly want something. This has been my biggest lesson of 2015 so far.


In the mean time I will be taking photos of myself as I progress and posting them on instagram/twitter so feel free to check in and see how my 2015 3 month #beastmode challenge is going and you can also check out some of my really tasty meals when I put up the pictures. On that note, I love a bit of a cookathon and so should you want any tasty dietary tips then feel free to tweet @born2performfit with the hashtag #diettips and I will provide you with some quick and simple meals that taste out of this world? Deal?! GREAT – I look forward to talking with you.


Remember no matter what it is that you are trying to achieve, everyone in this world is #Born2Perform #noexcuses


Happy New Year to you all!