Start a Fitness & Weight Loss Program with a Personal Trainer in Dubai

Here at Born2Perform we appreciate that achieving fitness in Dubai can be challenging when everything in our environment and work/life schedule encourages weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle. So whether or not you are looking for a weight loss program, a short or a long-term plan, Born2Perform has the fitness training package for you. Take the time to review the training packages on offer and organize your free consultation to see how Born2Perform can help you achieve your health and fitness goals whether it be strength gain, toning, reshaping, or weight cutting, there is nothing that you cannot achieve with our team of specialists by your side.


Get more out of your life with Born2Perform

Fitness – a phrase that the health care professionals of Dubai are increasingly promoting due to the continued inflation in rates of obesity, diabetes, nutrient deficiency, and many other chronic conditions. Born2Perform are committed to ensuring that the important facets of health and fitness are not only understood but are achieved through constantly varied exercise, fun yet challenging workouts and a change in clients’ nutritional understanding.

So whether you select single sessions, sport specific strength and conditioning, monthly packages, or partnered personal training, each package on offer provides you with a free consultation, which is designed to inform your personal trainer as to how best to structure your dynamic and tailor made training schedule, your nutritional program and if desired, a supplementation plan to support your weight loss, toning or muscle gain health goals.

Make your fitness in Dubai your number one priority today, and make your life richer and more exciting with the help of Born2Perform!

personal training options

Monthly Subscription - Starting from 285 AED
One Month Package - 4,000 AED
Single sessions - 350 AED
Partnered Personal Training
Strength and Conditioning
Corrective Exercise, Rehabilitation and Functional Performance